What We Do and why we're different

Welcome to Current Electrical and AV Solutions. We are a company with a difference. Usually you wouldn't have both electricians and AV engineers working under one roof, but we believe this disconnect is a major problem in the industry, and we're out to solve it!

Electricians are the guys who do the work, the guys who run the cables, the guys who chase the walls out. They install the lighting panels and keypads that enable your brand new lighting system to function, they run the data cable that makes your network network, they're the guys who work alongside your builder and make sure everything goes to plan. 

The AV guys are the techies! The guys that design, commission and program. They do the clever stuff, the stuff that will make your friends green with envy. They integrate your home into a seamless single system which can all be controlled with your phone or tablet. They can turn your home into something you've only seen on MTV cribs!

So what's the problem?

For too long we have seen the disconnect between electricians and AV companies ruin projects. Disagreements over the grey areas... who should wire this, who should connect that.

For example when installing a lighting panel, the electricians wire the lighting, but the AV companies program the system. This all seems acceptable..... well...... until they run into problems that is......

AV Guy - "The circuit never turned on when I programmed it to"

Electrican - "Well I've connected it like you said so it's not my problem"

Unfortunately, these types of problems are regular place during an install. So how do you overcome the problem? Well we joined two companies together to make one super efficient company.... CEAV!

At CEAV we have electricians, designers, AV engineers and programmers all under one roof. We have tons of experience over hundreds of projects and dozens of products. We work closely with potential customers to help them design the perfect system for them that meets their needs and their budget. Once the finer details are agreed our own engineers run and install the cabling, install the equipment, program and then commission.... All under one roof!! Unique in our industry!

No more disputes, no more detachment between trades, no more poor communication! Just one seamless experience which is more efficient and more cost-effective.

To try our unique service contact us today! You'll be pleasantly surprised at our prices and attention to detail!