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It's not all high-end automation and designer lighting at CEAV.....

Although we specialise in bespoke electrical and audio visual solutions, we still love getting our hands dirty doing some good old electrical work. We recently completed some communal outdoor lighting for a local housing association. The brief was simple, add some low level lighting along some pathways for the residents and convert the existing (non-working) lampposts to multi-point floodlights.

Health and safety is always a concern when working in public areas so every measure possible was taken to insure safety of the locals. Below are some of the 'Before' photos at different stages of the project.




Electrical contracting work is our bread and butter, it's what we know and it's what we're good at. If you have a future project in mind and would like a free quotation please do not hesitate to contact us.





Completion of Knightsbridge Apartment

We've just completed an amazing project in the heart of Knightsbridge. The project includes Lutron lighting, curtain and blind control, high-spec LED lighting and a small but future-proofed AV system. We've attached some photos below for you below.

This project was fun but very challenging. Everything about the townhouse was high-spec and the level of detail required from us was the most demanding we've ever worked under. The Lutron system in particular had to be designed circuit-by-circuit as there was so many different types of lighting and load types. Many AV companies when installing lighting systems just connect a circuit to a dimmer and that would be it, but at CEAV we pay much more attention to detail. Depending on the light attached, we contact the manufacturer and add the fixtures dimming characteristics to our lighting program, this small but significant programming effort has a massive visual effect on the system. Different lights of different types dim and turn on and off together in a linear fashion which can only be observed on a system which has been commissioned in this manner. 

The client was very particular in having the latest technology but didn't want it to stand out, instead they wanted it to blend into the decor of each room. We commissioned customised wall switches matching the same antique-bronze found on door furniture in the apartment to keep a consistent theme. We also had every button engraved to make the system easier to use. Each switch controlled the lighting, curtains and blinds in a room.

We also installed a simple but effected audio visual system. From a centralised point we distributed HD video to 4 TVs in the main areas of the apartment. As requested, all technology was hidden and the only item visible in each room was the TV itself. This simple but elegant system enabled the client to watch and control Sky HD, Apple TV and their favourite Blu-rays in any room in the house without any fuss. The system was ultra-reliable and super-simple to use.



Before & After - Covent Garden Office

We was asked to help design and install a new data solution and rack in an office in Covent Garden. The office belonged to a creative company who worked with some of the largest media companies in the world. Their main business was to produce web and print graphics for things such as websites, brochures and advertising products. So to them, their data was obviously everything.

As they was renovating their office they used the opportunity to also upgrade the wiring and install a new data rack. A new fibre line was to be installed so this had to also be housed along with their RAID storage device, IP phone controller and other network devices.

We had to be meticulous in our approach to the job-in-hand, loosing data or the networking having down-time was not an option!! Needless to say the project went without a hitch and the employees never even noticed the change-over!! We completed the works over a bank-holiday weekend and although it was a tough 3 days (and 1 night!) it was very rewarding to see how happy our customers were!