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Lutron Grafik RA2: Affordable single-room lighting control!!

Lutron have a great little product on their hands called Lutron GrafikRA2. GrafikRA2 is a single area, comprehensive wireless lighting and shading solution that's ideal for new construction or renovation/retro fitting. The system comprises of keypads, light controls, sensors and window/blind controls.

We are currently in the midst of converting a basement area into a den/media room. The room has 6 zones of lighting aswell as a skylight that needs blind control. The area was too small for a complex system such as Lutron Homeworks or Crestron and the costs of these systems wouldn't have been economical on such a small scale. A smaller, but still full-featured system was needed and GrafikRA fitted the bill perfectly.

GrafikRA gave us full dimming control over our circuits and also gave us control over 2 sets of blinds but really importantly to the client, it gave iPad/iPhone control of the whole system using a beautifully designed app.

Now, usually a system with these features from the market leader in lighting control, you would expect to pay thousands and thousands of pounds, but the great thing about GrafikRA is the price point. For single room solutions it just can't be beaten. The system cost under £1500, programming is minimal and the iPad app literally configures itself. 

We will post images during the project so you can keep track of our progress, but if you are looking for something similar please contact us today. We offer a free visit and no obligation quotation service.

PS. And we've heard a whisper that the Lutron GrafikRA2 system is going to be one of the first systems to be supported by Lutron's Home+ Apple Watch app. 


Crestron and Nest Integration

Ever thought of integrating a gorgeous Nest thermostat with a home automation system? No? Well we have, and we can tell you that it works amazingly!! Connecting your smart thermostat to your Crestron system enables you unlimited integration and tons more options then you get with Nest 'out-of-the-box'. Control your Nest by using Crestron's beautiful TSW touchscreen's, turn one up and the other automatically updates. 

The nest can be used as part of a complete smart home. Arrive home and the alarm disarms, the lights turn on, the heating turns on (nest) and the coffee machine turns on. Contact CEAV today for a free smart home consultation and see what we can do for you!!


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The new Savant App!!!!

We've been installing Savant control systems for a while now and we've never been more excited to provide this amazing system to our customers? Why you may ask? Well just see for yourself, just look at their beautiful new app!! 

This is most definitely the most gorgeous user interface we've seen for a control system. For more information and great pics pop over to Savants official site.

We're currently upgrading our existing customers to the new app but if you're interested in a Savant system of your own don't hesitate to contact us for expert advice and a free quote.

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