CEAV are always on the forefront of technology and we are excited to announce that we now offer fibre optic cabling and termination 'in-house' to our customers. We can help design, install, test and commission residential and commercial projects. We offer both single mode and multi mode fibre and can help recommend the best solution for your project.

With true 4K streaming around the corner and the ever-growing demand of connected devices on your network, traditional copper networks are being run to capacity. Multi-Mode OM4 cable can provide speeds in excess of 10 gigabit per second, ideal for high data transfer applications whereas single mode fibre can help with data transfer over longer distances. Even the most demanding systems would only utilise a tiny percentage of a fibre's full potential.

Fibre is perfect for high bandwidth applications such as links between network switches, HD and UHD video distribution and AV systems. If you're renovating your home and want to future proof for products such as Crestron's Digital Media then fibre is the only way to go!

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