We're nearing the end now of another interesting project. Today we installed the smaller of two Erco suspended tracks. For those who haven't heard of Erco they really are the leaders in track lighting. The photo below shows the track being suspended in a an art galleries private viewing room. 


Track lighting gives the client the ability to move the lights along the track themselves with little effort and gives them maximum flexibility for different exhibitions. The LED clip in lights can be controlled via 2 independent channels, the third channel is used to power the emergency lighting pack you can see in the middle of the track.

LED lighting is very energy efficient and these particular fittings emit a very warm (high kelvin) light, something which is becoming more popular with modern LEDs. 

We still have the large gallery to compete next week which will include 50 meters of track, all of which is to be suspended. We're going to use multiple lasers to get it perfect as we did with the track you see above. Stay tuned for more photos of us doing it and the finished product!!