Yesterday Apple released the first version of their development kit for the forthcoming Apple Watch. A few surprises have been noted by the first developers to get their hands on the kit. Namely the fact that the Apple Watch will simply be an external screen of sorts and your iPhone will actually take care of all the processing. Nevertheless, we can't wait to start developing on the new platform.

We have already started looking at integrating the device into Crestron and Lutron home automation systems using a custom CEAV app. We want to take advantage of the push notification abilities of the Apple watch and of your iPhone. Imagine the following.... The lamp on your projector is nearing it's end of life.... Your watch notifies you. You're at work and your intruder alarm is activated, your watch notifies you. You leave the lights on when you go out, and you guessed it, your watch notifies you!!

We can't wait to offer this level of customisation to our customers.