Although all the products we sell are 'smart home' products, and some may even work independently of other products, for a truly integrated smart home you will need a control system. So what is a control system? Well a control system simply put, is the brain of the system. It's the hub, the main processor. It controls all the user inputs from touchscreen's, phones, tablets, keypads and sensors and uses that information to send out commands to connected devices. For example, you press a button on your iPad to close the garage door, the control system takes that command, processes it, and then sends the garage door the appropriate command to close it's door. Although that's a pretty simple example it gets extremely more complicated then that. For larger homes or commercial spaces with lots of people simultaneously using the system, more powerful control systems are used.

Control systems can provide you with remote controls and touchscreen too. These can be be customised to suit your tastes or decor and can compliment your smart home with elegance and simplicity. See below for the 2 control systems that CEAV currently offer. We can install non-listed control systems if specifically requested.


Give you house the smart it deserves! Control4 is a recognized leader in smart home control and automation, and one of the fastest-growing Smart Home companies in the luxury and mid-market. Control4 powerful technology brings the four pillars of automation – climate, lighting, entertainment and security – together in a single application interface for the homeowner.

Fill one room or every room with your favorite music and video, enjoy limitless entertainment with a single remote, or create an unrivaled home theater experience. It’s simple, clean and clutter-free entertainment—right at your fingertips.


Control4 Website

Crestron are the world leaders in automated control systems. Their reputation is second-to-none and they are the go-to brand for architects and interior designers alike. 


Control your entire home via an iPad or touchscreen!! Imagine coming home and pressing one button and your lights turn on, your heating sets to a preset level and your curtains open. Another press of a button and the TV turns on and audio starts playing from your ceiling speakers. Someone is at the door, automatically your Crestron system detects them and the image on the TV screen switches to the discreet camera hidden outside, you see who it is and then with a touch of a button on your phone you can unlock the door. All this is easily possibly with a Crestron system.

Crestron Control Website