All You Need is at CEAV

Businesses and home owners alike are always in need of repairs and additions to the home and or work place. When these situations arise we find ourselves searching for the best electrician, programmer, engineer or designer to come to our aid, and finding various trustworthy companies to depend on can be time consuming and straining.

If you find yourself in that situation and live in the London area we have the perfect place for you. Current Electrical and Audio Visual (CEAV) are innovative electrical and audio visual contractors who offer experienced audio visual programmers and designers, system designers and electricians all conveniently working together to resolve your needs at competitive prices.

Electrical Contractors

Over the last fifteen years CEAV has provided electrical service to commercial and residential markets through this gaining experience and knowledge as well as an extensive lifelong client base. CEAV is NAPIT registered as well as certified and provide first class service, guaranteed customer satisfaction all the while adhering to the latest electrical safety regulations ensuring a job well done.

Audio Visual and Home Cinema

In the past audio visual (AV) and home cinema went hand in hand with the rich and the famous. Not anymore, they have both become not only accessible but in demand in homes and businesses alike. AV allows you to access your personal music library, stream online music or party like a rock star.

The amazing thing is you can access this from your phone, a tablet or a personalized touch panel conveniently built into you wall. If you are a movie buff then a home cinema can provide all the same exciting visual and surround sound you enjoy at the theater in the comfort and privacy of your home. You can expect CEAV to provide and install any leading electronic product on the market. 

Lighting, Heating and Air-conditioning Control

Lighting design and control is a now essential part of home designing and at CEAV you can find this with just on push of a button. You can not only change the lighting in your home or business to better suite your mood but it is connected to various appliances meaning you can also control your alarm system, coffee maker, shades  depending on the button you choose.

Now days we find one of our largest expenses is heating and cooling, finding an energy efficient form of these can save us a lot of money. CEAV offers smart heating controls which basically adapt to your life style over time. It can tell when you are home or not and monitor your energy intake making adjustments when needed. CEAV also offers in-house staff to help you control and master your heating system.

Smart Home Living

Having your home and or business properly equipped can save you time and money as well as make your life more pleasant and enjoyable. CEAV also offers satellites, internet protocol television, aerials, closed circuit television, and intercom and access control and of course what binds it all together AV programming.

At CEAV you can find everything you have ever needed to improve your home all in one place with top of the line products and experienced technicians. Our engineers and staff will be with you from the beginning and stay by your side throughout the whole process ensuring your comfort and safety. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with CEAV, a first in this industry.