If you're even in the slightest interested in smart homes or even technology itself, you would have heard of the Nest thermostat. The nest is a revolutionary new type of thermostat for the connected home. Being not only beautiful it is powered by a concept called 'The Internet of things', more of a marketing term then a technology, however it means that all 'connected' devices in your home can talk to each other and react on certain events. For example, your garage door can tell your thermostat to turn on when you're home. Your smoke detector can text your neighbour when it detects smoke. These independent 'things' can combine to make a super smart home.

However!!! Being integration specialists we don't stop there. Any old heating engineer, electrician or builder can install a nest thermostat and set it up for you. So why would you ask us to do it? Well Current Electrical & AV can integrate the superb Nest thermostat right into your home automation system, whether it be a Crestron, Savant or other control system. We can provide two-way feedback between your Nest and your touchscreens, adjust one and the other updates automatically, set schedules and do more advanced integration then is available from Nest 'out-of-the-box'.



Nest Website

Heatmiser Neo let's you control your heating, whether it's a conventional heating system or an underfloor heating system, by using their own stylish wall-mount thermostats or by using their beautifully designed smart phone app. Gone are the day's of dealing with complicated time clocks, Heatmiser have developed a system that let's you control your whole house with your thumb and your smart phone. Unlike other smart heating systems, Heatmiser Neo has native controls for underfloor heating, giving you reliable and accurate control of actuators and valves to get the temperature to exactly how you like it. 

One of the great things about the Heatmiser Neo system is that it can be used with existing wiring for retro-fitting. Fancy upgrading your existing old heating system into a new super smart, phone controlled system? Then Heatmiser is the way to go! We can upgrade your entire system without the need for a plumber or heating engineer! Take control of your heating, underfloor heating and hot water all through an app!! 



Heatmiser Website