AV Programming Services

If you've clicked through to this page you probably already know what AV programming is so we won't beat around the bush. The key things you need to know about CEAV programming are:

  • You own the code!! That's right! You read that correctly. On completing your project we will give you a personalised USB flash drive with your code, graphics and any modules you asked us to create for you leaving you free to use any other programmer for additional works.
  • We do not impose stock graphics on you. We personalise every touch screen and visible GUI to your project. Got a touch screen on wallpaper with a funky design, we can blend that touchscreen in by applying the same design as the wallpaper to the background of the touchscreen.
  • We program and test all our systems off-site using simulator software to provide you with the best possible experience.
  • We offer a FREE visit to lighting programming projects a month after completion of a project to make scene changes you might want after having lived with the system.
  • We set up Dynamic DNS accounts for all our customers free of charge so we can remotely fix any problems quickly and easily without visiting your home.